Hypos- The Party Wreckers

Hypo's are no fun, they're the kid that comes to your birthday party, eats all the cake, teases the other kids and leaves without so much as a how do you do.
Which in kid speak translates to hypos are evil and will never be invited to your birthday party again.

They feel awful, everything spins, you feel nauseous, extra dizzy and if you're still conscious, panicky. You turn pale, you sweat and your eyes glaze over. Not a lot of fun huh?

Well, I haven't had a hypo in a few months, which is very strange for a diabetic. But it's got to the point where I'm afraid of having one, that maybe it will happen when I'm asleep and I won't wake up (yeah my brain is such a drama queen, but it is a possibility). So as a result I've been dialling back my insulin at night, you know, just in case this kid comes to the party during the night and knocks over a few chairs.

But that leaves me with high blood sugars all day, ranging from 10 to 20 (so much for between 4 and7!) What does that mean? Well, it raises my chances of some long term issues if I keep it up... and no one likes those.

So maybe I need to suck it up and learn that just like the naughty kid at the party can be managed with a stern talking to, hypos can be managed with sugar. Yes, it might involve some extra blood sugar checks, some 3am wakeups and some dizziness, but hypos are a part of life for me. 

This one might take a while to fix, but I'll get over it eventually. Shame I can't get it's mother involved.


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